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Beautiful Statement Pieces in Bronze

We all believe in the famous saying, ‘Home is where our story begins’.

Decorating your home is as equivalent to a self-discovery. It takes a lot of time, effort and choices to decide on which style to go with, because ultimately, a home is a place which is a mirror reflection of you.

A lot of you, at first think of the best designs and decor that might reflect your personal choice of style. With consistent research, magazine flip and flaps, long discussion on why and how do you want things to look up at your place; and finally zeroing down to one theme, out of many out of the box ideas – is sure some task. Isn’t it?

Like we said, putting together a comfortable and a cozy home, incorporating the attention grabbing statement is not at all everyone’s cup of tea. Nowadays, people prefer for something unique, which really blends well with the choice of design and look they select. Among many such extravagant ideas, statement pieces are becoming quite a rage to enhance the look of your home decor.

They stand out to be bold, unique and extravagant in making style. As the name suggests the pieces, especially, a bronze statement piece adds a character and a different look to your home. A bold color, hand carved detailing, artistic scenes, enigmatic patterns all adds up to a glam look of statement pieces and transform a room into a marvelous oasis.

One can decor the entrance of their residence with a bronze plated lock doors, dazzle the door sides with bronze oil lamps (just like a traditional way of welcoming guest!), or decor the center wall with a big and bold, bronze piece of deity statues. It only takes one great idea among many to adorn your beautiful space. A simple yet stylish wall clock or wall tapestries also make a stylish appeal to the walls or even main door to your house.

Be it your living space, or your bedroom, be it your workplace or a just leisure room, it would be too blank if you don’t add any element to do the space correctly. It could be a wall art or a mere re-doing the furniture; all you need to do is add a little pinch of panache. With an impeccable and wide range of bronze statements pieces such as oil lamps, deity statues and Mortar & Pestle (traditional spice grinder), among many other designer ideas, it is really a great idea to fill the blank spaces in our houses with a style statement likewise.


Handmade Glass T-Light Holder

download (19)‘As the day comes to an end, the twinkling stars light up our lives’ – Anonymous.

We believe lighting can bring a different kind of ambience in the house. A perfect lighting to your living space can tell how you feel about your home. It is very important to know what colour and which light suits the best part of your perfect little ‘world of living’.

When it comes to designing your house, it takes not one, two, three but thousands of great ideas to re-establish into one concrete idea. And when we talk about designing, lighting plays a pivotal role, which you may never deny.

A great highlight of the entire hard work that one gives in designing or decorating the house is throwing the right mix of the feature lighting. It is an absolutely a key reason that makes the house looks like the blissful place to live in and appears quite magical. Many people believe in ‘less is more’; with the use of fewer objects to decorate, and enhancement of the living area with the correct space and light, the area may seem larger than life.

You know, nothing looks more inviting, when you see beautiful light holders, adorned in decoration, especially when it’s all about the festive season. With Diwali, just round the corner, you may light up your house with beautiful handmade glass holders (great way to improve the interior design keeping the budget in mind). In the marketplaces, these days, you may find enigmatic glass t-light holders, one quite charming than the others. During the festive season, people really like to deck their houses with a variety of light holders or even lanterns.

There is no better way to add style, glam and shine with the enigmatic t-light holders. Not only are they quite functional but also are lightweight and makes the place look quite decorative. Found in different colours and designs, shape and sizes, the holders do a great job at the most favourable prices.

If you are looking to gift something really unique to your loved and dear ones, this festive time, we believe handmade t-light glass holders is really a great idea to make it as a gift. Correct lighting in the house put a dramatic approach on how your house really looks.

Glass holders have such kind of appeal, as the glass reflects the light of the flame, it creates flickering light. (Simply, imagine your place look more interesting if you adorn your house with coloured glass holder.) If you are looking to spice up your ‘home sweet home’, opt for a variety of glass holder, since they are easy, convenient to match any kind of decor. However, it is quite necessary to take a special care to make them look clean and shiny, so they never stop brimming light!


Kid's Room Interior

download (18)Are you brainstorming yourself for the perfect ideas to decorate your child’s room? Well, we definitely believe you, about how difficult it is to come up with the best interior design for the toddler. These days, children are more creative than what we can even think of. It is very important to design the kid’s room interior with the perfect taste of your child.

A child’s room is one of the safest and secure places that the child feels comfort. Painting the right color on the wall, setting up the furniture correctly, accessorizing the room as per your child’s preference are some key factors one should definitely take care of. We bring you some brilliant ideas all put together to help you decorate your kid’s room interior.

Read on to know more.

1. Decide a theme

One of the crucial decision of all times before starting on with room interiors! Deciding a theme for the room is one of the foremost things you should check and decide with your kid by your side. There are plenty of ideas one can choose from. Choose a colorful, lively, bright and whimsical kind of theme for your kid’s room interior.

2. Space is what they love most

With the amount of energy, they have in their body, as a parent who would know it better than you. The more space you give the room, the better it is for them. Do make sure while designing the room, you give an ample of space to make the room functional in the most efficient way possible.

3. Right use of the corners

Your child loves to play with the toys or read books? Well, using the corner of the room for their ‘solace of personal love’ is a right investment. Pick a corner with enough lights and if there is a window nearby, then it makes it even better to use the corners. you may make use of the corner with their favorite books and night lamp and make it as a mini-library. You may use the corner by keeping lots of stuffed toys and make it an in-house play way for them.

4. Walls or a drawing board?

With a crayon or pen in hand, your child thinks every wall is their canvas. Well, let’s make them feel they are a ‘Picasso’! Provide them a single whole wall to themselves where they can paint or sketch as much as they want to. One day you will find the wall a souvenir of their growing up days.

5. Hide n Seek: Closet

One of the most important places for a child is his/her closet. Place the closet in the right place with a lot of drawers and hanging space. Make sure you take suggestions from your kid about what kind of closet they wish to have and what kind of styling would they prefer. Adding a little flavor of requirements, you may design the closet, keeping in mind the tone of the theme you are going on with.

Besides above factors, one also needs to decide on proving the right accessories in the room.
Find below some points about accessorizing the room.

1. A wall art place
2. A small sofa/ recliner/ bean bag
3. A study table with correct lighting
4. A comfortable bed with cushions and covers


Vintage Collection of Glass Bottles

download (17)Ever wondered, what is the basic thing we can never live without in our life? It is water. Water is one of the basic necessities of our life. Everything from a simple sip of water to a glass of wine, it is a fuel to our daily life. With the number of drinks that we intake in our whole life, we also make piles of a glass bottle. The rise of bottles that we have, it would be a waste if we just pack and throw them away. Don’t you think, it is wise to turn something of those bottles and re-use it in the most creative way possible?

As much as the new bottles are useful to pour us fresh juice or a wine, the bottles are fast becoming mean to polluting our environment. Unlike plastic bottles, glass bottles can always turn to be in use anyway. They are 100% recyclable and reusable. So what do you think, what really comes to your mind of those used bottles? Every bottle is unique in its own way, so it is best to start collecting them. Quite inexpensive, monochrome or bright colours, bottles can be used in many ways and also gives an elegant touch to almost any decor in your house or office or anywhere.

If you are looking for a small garden for yourself near your study room or even a kitchen, bottles in a new form can add that extra charm and deck up your space. Many of you might not be aware, but bottles are really good home to little baby plants. However, it has to be assured with ventilation and sunlight.

When it comes to decorating to your place, we know you take that extra effort to pull off a great decor. If you quite admire wine bottles and thinking to turn them into some fun decor, well, we say go for it. Generally, the older the bottle, the better it is. Wine bottles, especially are a huge hit in terms of vintage bottles among the class of people. During a hearty and light conversation in an event at your place, the collection of decorative printing bottles would definitely bring the attention of your friends and family, and you know exactly, how good that would make you feel about your creativity.

There are thousands of ideas that can be used with the bottles and make them look classy and edgy. You may decorate your private bar in quite a style, with the lighting lines in the bottles. You could put glitter or sequins and gift them as present in any occasion to your loved ones. (Remember glass bottles make a very nice addition to decor.) One should know decorating glass bottles requires a lot of cleaning and should be decorated neatly; otherwise, it will simply kill the effect of the charm.