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Bed and Table Linen With Hand Embroidery

Do you begin your day with a yawn followed by a smile, then stretch out your hands and loosen up the nerves and finally get out of your bed? If yes, then, of course, you had a good night’s sleep! Sleeping on a fine bed is absolutely a great way to release the body tensions after a long and hard, day. A fine bed, however, is only complete with a fine bed linen. Bed linen is basically an investment to comfort and warmth in your sleeping space – bedroom. Linen is a term used for woven textiles used in the home as a furnishing, such as bed linens, sheets, table linen, cushions, curtains, towels and etc.

Linens are hugely available in wide range of colors, designs, and fabrics. However, it is equally important to find the best quality of linen to make it more appealing. The quality of your linen, tells a lot about how you feel about comfort and style. A bed linen not only decorates your bedroom, but also puts up as a great fashion statement. They make your bedroom, quite stylish; making your bed look clean and of course also comes with coziness.

When you are out, purchasing linen for a bed or a table, one of the foremost decisions that you must make is what kind of fabric that you wish to take. Finding you self, a long and durable fabric which also holds the color and the work of thread beautifully embroidered by hands. The size of the linen matter the most, because no one would like it if the size is either very large or extra small from what is really required. Lastly but not the least, be it for a table or a bed, the color of the linen plays a role of matching the decor of the surrounding. A monochrome or a dash of mix colors, a simple Jane white or hue of off-beat color combination, the linen colors always compliment the surroundings, inviting attention.

A few tips that one must keep in mind about the linen:

– You shouldn’t be washing the linen with a harsh detergent, this will otherwise hasten the breakdown of your linen.

– Understand the type of linen, before you purchase anything. There are Raw, Cotton, Flannel, Silk, Satin, and Polyester – kinds of linen. Every kind has a different set of quality. Hence, it is required to know the quality to keep the same.

– Although, changing linen every day is a good way to keep your sleeping space neat and hygienic, but it is almost not possible. Therefore, linen must be changed and washed carefully, once in a week.

– If, in case, your table linen suffers from any kind of stains (which will be often), then sponge or soak them in a lukewarm water, pre-treat with stain remover and wash them. Do not, by any chance, machine-dry; this will lead to the breaking of the thread work


Decorative Exclusive Christmas Ornaments

And it’s that time of the year where we sing, ‘Jingle Jingle Bell, Jingle All The Way’- loud and cheerfully, together, with our loved and dear ones! Christmas comes all alive, bringing happiness, blessings and a hoard lot of love and wisdom, in the bleak cold days of the winter time. The time of Christmas planning, decoration, arrangements and finally a grand gathering to party hard, brings the spirit of joy, hope and a full round of festive season celebrating the happy time and enjoying the best after a lot of roller coaster ride in the entire year.

Are you thinking about how to even get started with the Christmas decoration? Well, it is an ideal to start with Christmas tree, because that’s the main attraction of the entire celebration. No Christmas is complete with the decorative ornaments beautifully adorned on the Christmas tree. In the market, this time of the year, there is a huge rush because people shop for Christmas ornaments to decorate their houses.

While purchasing the ornaments, people want it to be unique and grab people’s attention. Therefore, we bring you some ideas that you can use in Christmas decoration with exclusive ornaments that are quite fond and popular at the time of the celebration. Read below to know more –

1. Musical Ornaments

One of the most bought ornaments is the musical ornaments. It is a huge hit among children since they get attracted to sound and music. Musical ornaments play beautiful songs from Christmas carols and rhythms. Many of the ornaments have an on-off button and also one can change the song as per their choice.

2. Hand-Crafted Ornaments

Let your children craft something ‘special’ of their own choice, or ask each member to craft something, in order to decorate the tree and the house. Let everyone explore their skill of creativity and come up with the best of their capabilities. What best can make the decoration even special, when each of the family lends a hand to decorate and make it beautiful?

3. Light Ornaments

We use lights almost every fine occasion to enhance the beauty of our decor, don’t we? Then, Christmas is just another reason to adorn our beautiful ‘little wonder’ house. Deck up your house with colorful lights, making your house look even more graceful than it is in real. After all, lights bring a dramatic effect on the way we decorate our home.

4. Personalised Ornaments

Personalized ornaments basically mean a personal way to decorate your Christmas theme. The best part of personalized ornaments is they are available in all shape and sizes and they are also available in various materials.


Decorative Indian Classical Designed Lamps

Lighting of your home brings a different look and aura to your decor. With a simple and correct lighting, a mere small room looks quite spacious. Well, that’s the magic of lighting. Since the festive season is here, it is time to decorate your entire house with a lot of beautiful and colourful lighting. Isn’t it? After all, lighting denotes welcoming of good feeling and joy in our lives.

In earlier times, when there was no electricity in the lives of earlier people, they used to hang candles as a chandelier and light up their houses – bright and beautiful. Therefore, ceiling lamps came in life from there itself, once, electricity was introduced. So, the ceiling lamps have been charming their way to people since many years! No wonder, they have never gone out of fashion to adorn our houses with their alluring charm.

These days, with designer lamps blooming their way to our decor, the designs of the lamps are unimaginable! Quite an excellent and cost saving way of lighting to the home decor, designed lamps can be used in any of your house rooms or even office spaces. When it comes to lamps, especially, ceiling lamps, it provides elegance and style to your decor. It comes in different size and colours. They are meant for different places as well. However, one should always think first where to get the ceiling lamps fitted. The lamps are designed in a way, that not only they provide beautiful lighting but also add glam to the specific place that you would fix them.

Our house is comprised of lamps and fixtures; with the later being on the sides of the walls (most of the times). Decorating your home or office with lamps is not a big deal, anymore. With varieties of designs, colours, and styles, available in the market, you have ample of opportunity to decorate your house as per your mood, needs and decor. Be it tall lamps, adorning your corner space in the living room, or a glass lamp hanging beautifully on your balcony, or a table lamp on your study table giving you enough light to read and write. Lamps are a great way to use and give enough liberty to decorate in our own personal taste of decoration.

However, it is very important to find the right kind of lamps for yourself, otherwise, it would kill the elegance of the specific space that you wish to fix or keep it. Before you buy yourself a designer lamp, make sure to ask yourself, where you would keep it, and what kind of lamps you wish for? If you are looking something like a ceiling lamp, then, in that case, check the particular spot and surrounding and accordingly purchase the lamp. If a glass lamp is tempting you for a particular spot in your house, then check for beautiful and crafted lamps with correct shape and size for the same. After all, nothing looks better than having a correct lighting in your house, which gives you ample of light and flaunts style and elegance as well!


Designer Handmade Hooks and Hangers

Hooks and hangers have always played functional duties in your home or office decor. It helps in keeping and arranging things, neatly. Wall hooks and hangers are the best solution for hanging your keys, home decor items, kitchen essentials, towels and clothing and many more. You think of it, and you have so many things that can save you some space and still be intact and make things look effortless.

Since, hooks are available in different style and designs, it is always advised to select the one that suits your decor. The best part about the hooks is that they can be drilled, pasted or nailed on the wall. One should keep in mind, which hook would blend well with your room colour and style. If you are looking something for your kid’s room for hanging their bags, clothes or some other hanging related stuff, you might just go with funky looking kid-ish hooks or hangers. For a living area, you may buy yourself, a wall hanger that should match with the kind of furniture that you have adorned with. A simple wall hook not only matches the decor but also adds a fun element to the style. Having hooks or hangers adds an advantage because they accommodate a lot of stuff and gives you a free space.

With abundance in style, colour and creative look, you may decorate your place the way you have always had a vision of it. After all, your living space tells a lot about your personality. Doesn’t it? Ever wondered how you can change your ‘not so used stuff’ into some handmade hangers? Or how a ceramic hook may re-do the look of your interiors? Like we said earlier, hook and hangers have their own charm, to bring attention to your decor details. If you are in possession of some unused, old stuff that are no more grabbing your attention; then we believe you can for sure make use of them, for adding the flavour of creative art on your walls.

You can use almost everything and anything, to make things be clutter-free at the same time, make them look stylish. Do you know doors are not only to make way from one room to another room? They also hold potential use for hanging clothes, towels or bags or even umbrella is one way to make things tidy and presentable. If you don’t have enough space in your wardrobe then simply hang an extra rod in your closet which saves you a lot of space. Decking up your entire house with wardrobe and closet makes no sense, a simple hook or a hanger will do wonders. For e.g. you can kiss your bookshelf goodbye, by hanging them on the wall in the most creative and out of the box style.

In short and in style, using of hangers and hooks will not only add a quirky style statement but also saves you from investing a lot of money and makes use of space in the best way possible offering you a functional environment to live in. So hang or hook it up in style!