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Recreate Grand Nature Environments With Rainforest Marble Mosaic Tiles

In shades of greens and browns that provide a classic feel, Rainforest marble recreates a rare ambiance. It seems as if nature has been brought within the interiors of the home. Would you like that dramatic closeness to nature rather than the lap of artificiality? A large variety of natural patterns does make them appear like foliage in the deep jungle along with the play of light and hues for a realistic effect, like some great painting. Finishes like crystallized, polished and tumbled complete the unique surrounding that seems to renew itself like the real jungle.

The Rainforest marble collection brings together the Indian origin Cafe forest Marble & Rainforest Marble. The warm shades of greens and browns, grays, and yellows along with natural veins do perfectly imitate a classic natural surrounding and create a refuge for you to soak in. The mosaics do indeed provide a lusty landscape that would do justice to apartment walls and business showrooms with their ability to recreate the quaint world of nature.

Designs work with contrasting effects! Imagine single colored walls with the brightly colored Rainforest marble mosaics next to them that instantly glitters to provide a fascinating beauty. Within a single wall too, such contrasting effects may be achieved like in an accent wall and particularly at grand entrances where company logos may be exhibited. Wherever you need to capture public attention or emphasize a certain idea or philosophy, such mosaics provide a stunning impact.

Since costs matter so much while calculating budgets, it is hard to imagine that something so wonderful would be available at the cheapest prices. They merely cost between $6 and $9 per square foot, which means that there would be no problem in cladding walls and floors according to fancies. Rain Forest or Cafe Forest Tumbled Mosaic would uplift spirits all day long within the family or the work surrounding. The Rain Forest Border Tumbled too presents a graceful scenario of nature at its best.

The message communicated by nature is clear like through the television channels. Preserving nature would help human survival that often seems to be at stake. Rainforest marble mosaic tiles deliver the nature preservation message gracefully in a world of resounding beauty as if you can hear the sounds of nature amidst the greenery. Rain Forest Tumbled and Rain Forest Tumbled Subway are simpler, but gently reach home the nature message with infinite zest. Peace and harmony are what nature is all about and the sacred home values such a noble surrounding.


Japanese Interior Decoration To Build Peaceful Mood At Home

Japanese decorating ideas are the perfect inspirations for those want peaceful and soothing ambiance at home. You just have to display few furnishings, accessories, and knickknacks because this interior design will not allow any cluttered look. Keep the space simple and alluring. Eliminate the messy look by putting unimportant items hidden inside storage space. This eastern decorating style is easy to achieve if you know its characters.

Simple Flooring Treatment

Japanese interior is authentic if it features highly polished bamboo floor. Replace ceramic tiles or carpet as both will not represent the Japanese value. If the budget is very limited, you do not have to swap the current floor. Spread a tatami mat on it for cost effective alternative.

Neutral Paint Job

Incorporate harmonic backdrop inside Japanese home with classic neutral color scheme. Apply beige, cream, tan, off white, or bamboo green hue to induce serene feeling. The off-white wall makes the space clean. A hunter green tone is wonderful to spot on the wall border, window sill, and trim ceiling.

Remove The Clutter

Japanese interior decoration is always defined due to the presence of peacefulness, harmony and balance. Remove clutters and keep all items organized. Use floating shelves to hold the books, framed pictures and other knickknacks. A wooden coffee table equipped with drawers allows you to place additional toss pillows and slipcover. Don’t forget to give up the unimportant items. Donate or sell them to maintain cleanliness.

Bring The Nature Indoor

Mother Nature is beautiful. Imagine when you walk in a bamboo forest. You feel relaxed. This feeling is needed inside Japanese home design. That’s why you have to imitate the natural look. Pick a focal wall and adorn it using wallpaper which depicts a hunter green bamboo forest. The solid black wooden coffee table looks nice with a small vase of orchids. If the corner spot looks empty, set a potted bamboo plant. If you still have more cash to spend, install a Japanese wall mounted fountain. The sound of trickling water makes us feel safe and peaceful. It will be the best place for all people to unwind.

Japanese Focal Point

It is not difficult to have a major focal point in a Japanese room. Figure out one exclusive Japanese item. Hang a tatami mat for simple wall decor. A stunning pink cherry blossom painting is a beautiful art piece which attracts the visitors. Other fascinating items include a red silk kimono, samurai painting and Japanese landscape photo.


Washing an Oriental Rug

Creating an Oriental rug is a long and intricate process with many steps. Different cultures have unique steps that they follow, making each rug authentic to the culture’s style.

Just like each culture has its own weaving designs, traditions, and color palettes, each culture also has its own rug washing traditions.

The Weaving Process

After a weaver has completely finished weaving the rug, a highly skilled weaver clips the rug’s pile. There are two individual clipping sessions that each rug goes through, and the first session is not as precise as the second clipping. The style of the rug, type of yarn used, and tradition of the culture determine the length of the pile and precision needed to complete the clipping job.

Once the pile has been clipped, the rug usually has quite a few strands of yarn that are caught in other yarn strands within the pile itself. A weaver brushes the rug to tease out some of the cut pile, but the most effective way to clean up a rug and prepare it for the market is to wash it.

Washing a Rug

There are many different ways to wash an Oriental rug, and many weaving groups have integrated a chemical bath to the bathing process to add a particular finish to the rug’s pile. Rugs typically receive a water bath that removes any dirt or particles that the rug may have accumulated throughout the weaving process, but some weavers also use a chemical bath to finish a rug.

The chemical bath that the rug receives depends on the style of the rug and the weaving culture. It is highly common for weavers to give a rug a chemical bath intending to change the rug’s color intensity. Color tones that are difficult to achieve in actual yarn colors are made possible by certain chemical combinations.

In other cases, rugs receive a chemical bath to change the overall texture of the rug – such as a high-gloss sheen or a matte affect – that ties the whole rug together.

Common Washing Techniques

One of the most popular chemical washing styles is a gold wash, which uses bleach to mute intense red tones. Weavers only use this process on sturdy rugs, as the chemicals significantly weaken the durability of the rug. However, when finished, the rug’s colors are among the most sought after red and rose tones.

Sun washing, another very popular style of washing, does not use harsh, man-made chemicals. When a rug undergoes sun washing, it sits outside under the sun until the colors naturally lose some of their vibrancy. This washing style resembles the aging process, and it can create a subtle classy effect on the rug.

Chemical washing and natural washing styles can create a very elegant finish on a rug’s surface. If you want to determine how a rug was washed, examining the base of the pile is the best place to start.

SAMAD is a leading producer and importer of fine handmade decorative rugs, catering exclusively to high-end retailers and designers. Emigrating from London, brothers and business partners, David and Malcolm Samad, established their business as wholesale rug importers in New York City in 1985. With a deep understanding and appreciation for our craft, our pioneering spirit inspires us to challenge convention and continue our pursuit of excellence.


The Rise of the New Age Interior Designing Companies

The interior designing industry in India is valued at USD 25 Billion and is projected to cross USD 35 Billion by 2019. However, 95% of this industry is completely unorganized and lacks transparency and professionalism. If a person wants to get his complete home designed it will probably cost him around 20-40% of the price he has paid to own the apartment or property. This is a huge amount and takes a lot of hard work and pain to earn this much of money. But most people fall into the trap of unprofessional design consultants who make them regret their decision of getting their homes designed without doing proper homework. In today’s market, even a simple contractor has turned out to be an interior designer. And they are doing quite well because the price which they can quote for a project is way beyond the imagination of a professional.

A labour contractor generally hires an interior designer intern and gets the design done from him/her at a very nominal cost. However, due lack of experience and practicality, the intern ends up designing something which is not practically feasible and way beyond the scope of the contractor. Finally, when the project is on the verge of completion you realize this is not what you wanted for your home. Again, the intern, the labour contractor and the client very rarely have a level of thinking that matches. To get your home designed you need somebody who can think, work and express in sync with you.

Just to help people from this kind of unwanted scenarios many companies are coming up with a whole new approach to design and execution. These companies use technology as a tool to give a better experience to the clients. A well-equipped website is the primary tool of these companies. At a single platform, you can find a wide range of furniture items, home decor and home furnishing products and much more. You can book a design consultation and can meet a professional interior designer at your convenience who suggests you the best ideas for your home designing. On these websites, you can browse through a wide range of home design ideas in categories like modular kitchen, wardrobes, bedroom design ideas, living room design ideas, dining room design ideas and much more. And not only this, they also provide you with a range of price for individual designs. So it becomes easier for you to get an idea of what kind you a design you can get for your home in your budget. Secondly, after the designs have been finalized verbally, these tech-based companies will give a real life feel of the suggested designs through 2d, 3d visualization and virtual reality. After the finalization of designs comes execution. As these companies are built by professionals, hence they collaborate with professionals only in segments like furniture manufacturing, painting, flooring, false ceiling home furnishing etc. During the course of the entire project, you will be in communication with a single person and will not have to run after several people to get the update of your work. But, when you get such a hassle free and seamless service you will have to shed some cash as well, because good things come at a good price.

However, people today don’t hesitate to pay a higher amount if they can get the work done without any glitch and as per their requirement and specification, because in today’s fast life you hardly get time to resolve unnecessary and unwanted things. Hence, nowadays people prefer these kinds of companies over conventional contractors because they don’t want to regret their decision later. On the other hand, these new age companies are really trying hard to organize the USD 25 billion industry using various strategies and methods which could benefit the client. They strive to give a better and a unique experience to the clients for home designing. They are providing turnkey solution under one roof so that client doesn’t have to run after too many people. With the advent of internet and technology, very soon these new age companies are going to do a complete makeover of the interior designing industry.