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How to Choose Your Home Interior Design Partner Wisely

We believe that our body is nothing without the soul. It is our soul which is acting as the bond between the body and the life substance. Similarly, every home has a soul, which connects the home to its dwellers. We can actually give life to our home by making it soulful. And one of the ways of doing it is to design it in such a manner that the home should speak to you in its very own way. However, most of the people fail miserably in getting their homes designed the way it should be. One of the primary reasons behind it is choosing the wrong design partner. Here are a few suggestions that one should keep in mind while choosing an interior designer for his/her home:

I. Don’t Consult Too Many People

Every designer is different from the other. Consulting too many people will only confuse you and not help you in anyway because every designer will suggest you something new. And after the project is completed, you will always have the feeling that the other design was better, whereas there is nothing as such.

2. Look for Someone Who Provides Turnkey Solution

There are several aspects of interior designing. From giving design ideas to measurement and then 2D and 3D visualization along with a quotation. And after the quotation is approved the execution part comes into play. Now the execution is also not that easy a task. It involves product manufacturing, civil works, site work, keeping the entire process running, coordinating with labours and suppliers, delivery, installation and much more. If you choose a design partner who takes care of all these under one roof, then you will have to consult a single person for any query related to your project. If you assign too many people for your project you will have to shed a lot of time and energy running behind them to get a project update.

3. Too Less Is Definitely Fishy

If you have consulted a few people for interior designing and have taken a quotation from each of them, then don’t always select the minimum quotation blindly. You need to first see that what the material specification is. If the material specification and quality are same in all the quotations then you need to know the per square foot rate of the jobs and raw materials that are specified. If somebody has specified a rate which is way below the market rate then you need to understand that something is fishy.

4. If Possible, Visit a Delivered Project.
Try to arrange a visit to any project that your designer has previously done or is under process. The reason behind doing this is that you need to understand what is the finish of the products that will be delivered by you, the designer. Any furniture item only looks elegant if very detailed work is done on its finishing. A complete project will help you get an idea of how your designs will turn out to be one it is put to place.

5. Choose the One Who Leaves a Mark

You might meet several people for interior designing for your place. But the right person will definitely leave a mark on your mind. You will have an inner calling that you are able to connect to this designer and he is just saying that was always there in your mind regarding your home design.


Designer Crackle Glass to Emit a Glow in the Room

Modern day wall and flooring have attained many new standards, designs, and patterns. Today there are many new things in the floor materials which were unthinkable in the year bygone. There are copper, glass, natural stone and many more things used today. The crackle glass mosaics are such an important thing. The modern flooring demands something more than juts the base. Today there are the inflictions to personalize each and every bit of life. The house is that place where man has the chance to show his taste and choice. Thus the house is decked with the proper materials to make it special.

The crackle glass is an elegant product. This is made in the early times of the 15th century. The glass is specially made and cooled to render the crack ling incentive. The temperature of the glass heating induces the cracks and then the cooling smoothens the outer covering. Thus the glass is cracked from inside and the outer covering is smooth. The inner crack enables the glass to reflect many hues of colors from the inner parts and that creates the real fervor. They reflect the light like a prism does and they create a rainbow effect in the room where they are installed.

They are best for the bathroom or the kitchen. The bathroom and the kitchen shall need ample light. As they are basically glass they shall reflect more light and thus the room shall be spacey and easy to look out. They are made of the Pyrex glass. This is a specially made glass that is very hardy and durable. Thus one can ensure the longevity of the stuff. They can be cleaned easily and thus the luster and shine are retained for a long time. They can be said to be one of the most long lasting products in the market.

There are many types of colors and textures. They are made with great care and style. The most in demand things are the taza blend lantern, Venetian café, sandy beaches blend, fossil canyon blend, saddle canyon blend and so on. There are many sizes in which they are available thus ensuring that they can be fit in to any place. The prices are less and can be availed by all and sundry.

You can use it to decorate your dream home. Log on to the trusted one and order online. There are occasional discounts here as well.


Inspired Bohemian Interiors

Indian-inspired accent toss pillows bring a subtle boho vibe to a neutral ivory room. Bold rich hues and embroidered textiles offset white walls and add earth plants for a laid back bohemian ambiance. A minimal bedroom feels earth friendly with patterned sheer curtains and bohemian tapestries, whether they are hanging from the walls or on thrown across the bed.Colorful accents like crystals and sculptures lend a zen bohemian feel to a living room.

Old doors and distressed woods add to the travel splurge of the bohemian spirit.Don’t shy away from an exuberant carved Buddha, Ganesha wall panel talking about the histories of old tribes, when paired with other bold colors and patterns it looks like a bright Indian bazaar. Bring in old rugs and distressed woods, antiques chests carved by hand and eclectic artifacts and let your spirit surge across the seven oceans.

Ornate Prints and exuberant hues, more is exciting and lovely, multi-colored ikat-ethnic mandala printed bedding and pashmina throws complement one another.Rustic woods and distressed Indian furniture adds the boho flavor along with a bench filled with an array of printed ethnic tribal pillows. Clashing wall tapestries, old traditional patterns and zen sculptures creates an eclectic decor scheme. A floor bed made up of pashmina blankets transforms a dull bedroom into a free spirit haven.

A tribal patchwork kutch rug complements earthy tones and green bamboo plants.A tribal rug makes a great wall hanging and also a colorful headboard. Sheer curtains with brocade tabs puts a chic twist onto the doorway of a simple room. Whitewashed woods and ivory palette styled with contrasting throws on a daybed or swing makes for the ultimate boho-inspired living space.

Design with the free spirit, let your imagination run wild with colors and yes keep it classy, every corner of the room has an interesting story to tell, the places you traveled and the adventures of your spirit. Indian antiques and carvings tell stories of years gone by when our forefathers tilled the lands and sat in the verandah after a hard days work, eating from wooden plates and pots, drinking water from copper and brass pitchers. Beautiful lush fields, colorful bedding on the daybed and the wind singing its song rustling the saris, bring in old world charm and energies so powerful,they will keep your spirit singing.

Old Door armoires carved with traditional paisley and swirling flowers, rustic patina and the warmth of real wood that has aged beautifully, Indian furniture is all in a class by itself, merging beautifully with bohemian interiors.


Turning Your Dull House Into A Fab One

Are you planning to have a makeover of your house? Is it too dull and dreary and the ambiance is not so good? Well, maybe it is the right time to do some brainstorming and start leveling up your house. But keep in mind your budget and time for the makeover. Of course, you do not want to spend too much money for the renovation. Take a look at these simple and helpful tips in decorating your house:

Look at your stocks

Go around your house and look for those furniture that you can get rid of. Those that may be damaged, old, outdated, too small or large, or the one you don’t like anymore. If that furniture has a sentimental value, look for a new place for it in your house. Once you were able to get rid of the furniture you don’t want, be ready for the next step.

Make a plan

Create your personalized room design. You may include your desired measurement and inspirational photos. You may keep a shopping list based on the stocks and furniture you saw somewhere else. Keep in mind the budget and theme that you want for your house.

Pick the color palette

Now that you have ideas on things you want to put into your house, it is time to choose the color/s that will set the tone for your rooms. You may use blue and green to calm the ambiance of your room. Vibrant colors like yellow, red, orange can be energizing. Neutral colors like white, tans, and grays are used for the perfect background for bold and bright accents.

Choose your style

All of us has our own style preferences, and you may want those to be reflected in the decors of your house. You may try to surf the net to find your ideal style. Once you find the style you want, the fun and exciting part comes: purchasing of the new furniture and accessories for your house. Begin with the large items like the sofa, entertainment case, rugs and son on. Next would be the smaller accessories like lampshades, pillows, blinds, and so on. Speaking of blinds, you may want to consider 3 day blinds. The 3 day blinds are more on personalized type of blinds that have “express” way of production, delivery, and installation, hence the name. They are perfect for those house owners who want to finish their home makeover in a short period of time.

These steps stated above can be your primary steps in planning a makeover of your house. As you can see, they are simple and easy to follow. Just follow these steps and be a responsible and practical house owner and I’m sure, your ideas and decorations will be a good one that will make your house a home sweetie home.