Beautiful Statement Pieces in Bronze

We all believe in the famous saying, ‘Home is where our story begins’.

Decorating your home is as equivalent to a self-discovery. It takes a lot of time, effort and choices to decide on which style to go with, because ultimately, a home is a place which is a mirror reflection of you.

A lot of you, at first think of the best designs and decor that might reflect your personal choice of style. With consistent research, magazine flip and flaps, long discussion on why and how do you want things to look up at your place; and finally zeroing down to one theme, out of many out of the box ideas – is sure some task. Isn’t it?

Like we said, putting together a comfortable and a cozy home, incorporating the attention grabbing statement is not at all everyone’s cup of tea. Nowadays, people prefer for something unique, which really blends well with the choice of design and look they select. Among many such extravagant ideas, statement pieces are becoming quite a rage to enhance the look of your home decor.

They stand out to be bold, unique and extravagant in making style. As the name suggests the pieces, especially, a bronze statement piece adds a character and a different look to your home. A bold color, hand carved detailing, artistic scenes, enigmatic patterns all adds up to a glam look of statement pieces and transform a room into a marvelous oasis.

One can decor the entrance of their residence with a bronze plated lock doors, dazzle the door sides with bronze oil lamps (just like a traditional way of welcoming guest!), or decor the center wall with a big and bold, bronze piece of deity statues. It only takes one great idea among many to adorn your beautiful space. A simple yet stylish wall clock or wall tapestries also make a stylish appeal to the walls or even main door to your house.

Be it your living space, or your bedroom, be it your workplace or a just leisure room, it would be too blank if you don’t add any element to do the space correctly. It could be a wall art or a mere re-doing the furniture; all you need to do is add a little pinch of panache. With an impeccable and wide range of bronze statements pieces such as oil lamps, deity statues and Mortar & Pestle (traditional spice grinder), among many other designer ideas, it is really a great idea to fill the blank spaces in our houses with a style statement likewise.