Bed and Table Linen With Hand Embroidery

Do you begin your day with a yawn followed by a smile, then stretch out your hands and loosen up the nerves and finally get out of your bed? If yes, then, of course, you had a good night’s sleep! Sleeping on a fine bed is absolutely a great way to release the body tensions after a long and hard, day. A fine bed, however, is only complete with a fine bed linen. Bed linen is basically an investment to comfort and warmth in your sleeping space – bedroom. Linen is a term used for woven textiles used in the home as a furnishing, such as bed linens, sheets, table linen, cushions, curtains, towels and etc.

Linens are hugely available in wide range of colors, designs, and fabrics. However, it is equally important to find the best quality of linen to make it more appealing. The quality of your linen, tells a lot about how you feel about comfort and style. A bed linen not only decorates your bedroom, but also puts up as a great fashion statement. They make your bedroom, quite stylish; making your bed look clean and of course also comes with coziness.

When you are out, purchasing linen for a bed or a table, one of the foremost decisions that you must make is what kind of fabric that you wish to take. Finding you self, a long and durable fabric which also holds the color and the work of thread beautifully embroidered by hands. The size of the linen matter the most, because no one would like it if the size is either very large or extra small from what is really required. Lastly but not the least, be it for a table or a bed, the color of the linen plays a role of matching the decor of the surrounding. A monochrome or a dash of mix colors, a simple Jane white or hue of off-beat color combination, the linen colors always compliment the surroundings, inviting attention.

A few tips that one must keep in mind about the linen:

– You shouldn’t be washing the linen with a harsh detergent, this will otherwise hasten the breakdown of your linen.

– Understand the type of linen, before you purchase anything. There are Raw, Cotton, Flannel, Silk, Satin, and Polyester – kinds of linen. Every kind has a different set of quality. Hence, it is required to know the quality to keep the same.

– Although, changing linen every day is a good way to keep your sleeping space neat and hygienic, but it is almost not possible. Therefore, linen must be changed and washed carefully, once in a week.

– If, in case, your table linen suffers from any kind of stains (which will be often), then sponge or soak them in a lukewarm water, pre-treat with stain remover and wash them. Do not, by any chance, machine-dry; this will lead to the breaking of the thread work