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Choosing the Right Roofing Contractor

Searching for a qualified and efficient roofer is not that easy these days. The selection seems unlimited and is even expanding from year to year. But of course, the Internet is there to simplify the task of searching for prospects and knowing their background, thanks to online profiles and client reviews.

Still, regardless of whether you got your prospects from the web or through a relative or friend’s referral, that’s not where your job ends. You have to go deeper by researching a little more.

The following are key points for you to consider as you make a choice:

Business Name and Physical Address
First and foremost, you need to check if your prospective roofer has a registered business name and physical address. You should only go for an established contractor, and an established contractor will always have both.


Another crucial issue you should look into is whether the contractor is insured or not. If they say they are insured, ask for proof in the form of a copy of their insurance certificate. Liability coverage benefits the two sides. The insurance provider will take care of the cost of any damages or injuries caused by the project, thus sparing you as well as the contractor.

License & Credentials

Licensing and credentials are another basic consideration for anyone who wants to hire a roofer. Never take anything for granted. There are cowboys in the industry, and they can make themselves look established or reputable. If they say have a license, demand proof.

Industry Experience

Of course, it’s important to know just how much experience a contractor has installing or repair roofs. Remember, experience breeds expertise. Their longevity serves as a testimony to the breadth of their industry knowledge and skills.

Client References

Yet another must before hiring a roofing contractor is asking for client references. But of course, you can’t simply rely on verbal praises. You need to actually see the work quality that the contractor has displayed in his past projects. Luckily, most people are glad to let you take a look at their roof, provided you give the right self-introduction. After three or four references checked, you should be able to form a sound judgment of the contractor’s abilities.


Lastly, know the terms of the roofer’s workmanship warranty. Of course, there should be a separate warranty on the roof itself, or the parts used for repair. Both warranties are basic to your project’s complete success.

To help you find the best roofer in town, consider at least two or three prospects, provide them exactly the same specs, and ask for a written quote from each one. Now you can make valid comparisons, leading you to your best choice.

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