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Why People Practice Metal Plating Metal coating involves taking a metal that is considered weaker or less attractive and coating it with another more appealing metal. It can be done in a variety of ways and for a number of reasons. While some people use electroplating process, there are those that prefer flame spraying. People electroplate metals with various ends in mind. The process of electroplating involves having the metal in an electrolyte solution. The ions required for the coating are usually dissolved within the solution. After the metal is dipped into the solution, an electric current has to be passed through in order to enhance the bond. The electric charge helps the ions within the solution to stick on the metal, thus causing the coating. In order to create a metal that has been coated with a thick layer, one has to keep it under the current in the electrolyte for a longer time. This process not only takes time, it requires a lot of skill and precision. If you are wondering why people would go through all the hassle of doing this, well, there are quite a number. Many of the reasons also apply as the advantages. Highlighted below are some of these reasons.
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Help Tackle The Problem of Corrosion
Understanding Metals
Corrosion is changing of state permanently because of the influence of a chemical gas or liquid. Scientists say that when a metal is corroded it becomes more stable. The best example is iron. Corrosion of iron leads to rust, and most people do not like rust for a number of reasons. For example it looks horrible and it also makes the metal week. In order to prevent this from happening, metals such as iron can be coated with an outer layer such as gold, silver, or possibly copper. This helps to prevent corrosion and oxidation of the metal. Loss can come about due to corrosion. As a matter of fact there are industries affected by this in the US. An estimated 250 billion is used in repairing and replacing corroded materials annually. Beatification of Stuff People love things that look beautiful. Anything attractive is pleasing to an individual. Psychological what appeals to the eye also has the ability to affect an individual’s emotions and cognition. Some metals used for plating are very attractive for example gold. It plates metals used for ornaments, antiques and metals used to build homes. Aside from gold, copper is also quite popular too. Hard, Lasts Longer and Heat Resistant One can also increase the strength of other metals through metal plating. When it comes to making airplanes and cars, silver is used because it is heat resistant. When it comes to preventing damages in highly malleable metals, one should make an effort of plating with tougher elements.